• Information

    Dental practice Verheijde offers a wide range of dental treatments. On the website www.dentalhealth.org, you can find extensive information about teeth, oral health and treatments.
  • Appointments
    We operate during business hours by appointment only, except for emergencies and toothache.. Pain or other urgent matters should be phoned in before 10:00 am (business hours) so we can see you the same day.

    • To make an appointment, please email (via this contactform) or call us at telephone (+31)71 5170748 during business hours.
    • If you are unable to attend, phone or e-mail us at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. In case of late cancellation we will unfortunately have to charge you for the reserved time. These costs are notreimbursed by your supplementary dental insurance
    • Cancellation of appointments for the following Monday should be phoned or by e-mail before 12:00 on the previous Friday.
    • If you are late for an appointment, you risk the treatment not to be completed and that a follow-up appointment should be made. When the remaining time does not allow treatment to start, the appointment is cancelled at your expense and we will make a new appointment.
    • Indien de resterende tijd het niet toelaat om te starten met de behandeling, wordt de afspraak op uw kosten geannuleerd en zullen wij een nieuwe afspraak met u maken.
    • For opening hours please refer to The Practice.
  • Rates
    The dentist rates and related issues can be found here (in Dutch), the technical costs for treatments (like crowns or dentures) can be found here (also in Dutch). Please let us know if one of the links doesn’t work.For questions regarding billing contact us. For questions about a received estimate for treatment, you can e-mail or make an appointment (note, we charge for a consultation). To make an appointment or further questions, sending us an email is the most convenient way of contacting us.
  • Bills
    Please contact if you have any questions about the bill you have received.
  • Warranty
    Please contact if you have any questions about warranties. If advice and periodically check ups have not been followed, warranty is not possible. The same goes for damage caused by external factors.
  • Complaints
    Please contact us if something is not as you hoped it would be. If that does not result in a satisfactory outcome, please contact the KNMT. They have the experience and people to help you intermediate between both parties