• Emergency

    When do we speak of an emergency?

    Please read the following carefully before you decide to call the hotline. There is a matter of urgency if:

    • You have a swollen cheek or neck, with fever symptoms.
    • You’ve been awake from severe pain and painkillers don’t help.
    • You’ve had an accident where your teeth are damaged.
    • You continue to bleed after removing a tooth or choose for a longer period of time.


    When is there no urgency ?
    There is no urgency if:

    • Moderate or light pain which can be suppressed with painkillers.
    • Pain with a denture or brace.
    • Fillings or crowns/bridges that fell out.

    These complaints can wait until the next working day.


    What can you do before you call the hotline?
    If there is pain, you should take adequate pain relief. Usually paracetamol and ibuprofen, which can also be used in combination. However, you should first consult the package leaflet or your doctor. You should also assess whether the pain complaint is so serious that you should contact them.


    There is an emergency, how do I contact a dentist?
  • In all cases, the dentist on duty will assess the period of time in which any treatment is necessary. On working days you should call the practice on 071 5170748. Outside working hours you can call the same number, after which you will hear the number of the emergency number. You can also find the practices and numbers on duty at www.leidsespoedtandarts.nl. Mind that al spoken and written text will be in Dutch!